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December’s Member of the Month

Congrats Brian on being December’s member of the month! Your commitment to health is seen on a daily basis which inspires so many others around you!

Not only have you been extremely compliant with your workouts, you have also improved flexibility, strength and power in such a short amount of time. Remember when simply touching your toes was a challenge? Now you don’t even think about your mobility program and it is something that has easily become incorporated in your daily routine. 

Brian still thrives in his running and wakes up at 4am daily to practice this skill. When he first started working with us, Brian experienced pain when running and his best pace was 7:30 for four miles. Now Brian is feeling great during his runs, setting a new record of a 6:30 pace for seven miles!!!! 

Congrats again Brian for being a part of the Embody’s family and inspiring us to be the best version of ourselves! Learn more about Brian’s journey below:


Name: Brian Maloney

Occupation: Software Designer & Developer

Hobbies/Interest: Illustration and soccer

Usual Class: Personal Training 2x a week 

Favorite Exercise: Small field soccer

How long have you been working out? At Embody Fitness 8 months, running 15 years, soccer 40 years

Why did you start working out at Embody Fitness? I walked by during one of your events and was impressed with Lindsay’s off the cuff assessment of my fitness objectives, and her friendly, outgoing nature. I live 3 blocks away so supporting a business in the neighborhood is great. My goals were/are to build upper body strength, improve flexibility, faster run times, and exercises/training that will keep me playing injury free soccer.

What keeps you coming back? Lindsay and Josh. Their breadth and depth of fitness knowledge, positive attitudes and words of encouragement. Oh and proximity to Anderson’s coffee 🙂

How has working out changed your life, lifestyle and level of fitness? It might sound odd but I notice it most in mundane ways. Stepping down to get out of my car, putting on boots, sitting at work for half an hour… these things used to involve minor, annoying pain but that’s gone now. My run time and distance have greatly improved. And upper body strength is noticeably better.

Is there something you have done here that you never thought you could do? Yes, 3 strict pull ups in a row.

What motivates/inspires you? My wife of 25 years and two kids (8 and 10). 

What goals have you achieved at Embody Fitness so far? Improved flexibility and faster 3 mile run times. Also a sub 6 minute mile (just barely at 5m 57s).

Any advice for new members? Take advantage of the True Coach app. All prescribed exercises come with videos. Those have been great for yoga.

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