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“New Decade. New Year. New You.”

A new year is upon us which gives us an opportunity to evaluate our current lifestyle! Yet “New Year’s Resolutions” also set people up for failure. This is due to a certain mindset that is similar to when you go on vacation. The vacay mindset tends to be focused less on balance and more an binging to an extremely, leaving you feeling guilty of not being healthy. Then you say, “When I get home, I am going to go on a diet and working out every day.”


You return home from vacation, and go all in on extreme, unrealistic habits that are hard to sustain. Does this sound familiar to a New Year’s Resolution regimen? On Jan 2nd, do you meal prep, hit the gym, join a run group, buy an apple watch, etc. just to achieve a weight loss goal? We see these extreme goals and regimens all the time at Embody Fitness and hat to see that life easily wipes you out of your routine, leaving you feeling defeated. That’s why statistically, people only follow their resolutions for 3 months. Around the middle of March, they are back to their old ways.


After being a victim of this mindset and the popular idea of setting resolutions, I want to start the new decade and the new year manifesting positivity! When you are in a positive frame of mind, you will be able to exercise a healthier lifestyle simultaneously without having extreme goals that will be forgotten.


Take a new approach by utilizing these positive mindset tips below:

  1. We shouldn’t rely on a date, January 1st, to say that we are choosing to change. If you want to make a significant lifestyle change, the probability of beginning a sustainable change will be higher any other day. Instead, commit to a YEAR of small changes that leave you feeling great about achieving your health goals. i.e. I’m going to walk for 15 mins everyday.
  2. Set realistic goals. This does not mean to abandon your goals but give yourself grace on the timeline. i.e. I am going to lose 5lb in 12 weeks by eating veggies 2x a day.
  3. Remind yourself that you are doing the best you can to be the best version of yourself. Don’t get wrapped in the numbers or chasing something. The goal is to FEEL GOOD about yourself. That can only be achieved by YOU! i.e. Daily mantra: “I’m taking action towards being healthier everyday by sleeping more, eating more greens and moving daily.”


What are your New Year’s Goals? Email us at and let us hold you accountable!

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