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February’s Member of the Month

Joey started with Embody Fitness as a corporate wellness client where he lost a significant amount of weight! He kept it off and picked up momentum with his fitness & nutrition regimen 6 months after the challenge to focus on building strength and mobility. This discipline and tenacity led him to achieve his goals in and out of the gym! 

Joey is a part of the 200lb deadlift club and is quickly creeping up towards the 300lb club! He also runs one of the quickest sprints at Embody and now has a new goal of hitting 225lb bench. We are so proud of his achievements here and look forward to seeing what 2020 holds for Joey! Congrats again my friend!

Learn more about his journey below:

Occupation: Partner at Holtzman & Partners

Hobbies/Interest: I enjoy watching and playing soccer, running, watching football, bike rides with my family, and spending time with my wonderful wife and kids. 

Usual Class: Monday – Friday @ 6:00am

Favorite Exercise: Bench press

How long have you been working out? After I tore my ACL playing soccer in Haiti in 2010, I gained almost 40 pounds over a 2 year period. In 2012, I started running and lost 60 pounds.  I kept the weight off until 2017/18 – when it slowly started coming back as a result of hectic work and personal schedules, which led to poor nutrition choices and a sedentary lifestyle.  I started working out and losing weight again in February ‘19 and was able to drop about 30 lbs over a 9 month period.

Why did you start working out at Embody Fitness? Late June 2019

What keeps you coming back? The great coaches (Lindsay & Josh) and the accountability of working with a small group of people.  Also, I am very competitive, and for once would like to beat Mike Panozzo (friend/coworker/fellow Emody’er) at something.

How has working out changed your life, lifestyle and level of fitness? I’ve seen both incredible physical and mental benefits.  On the physical side, I have way more energy (despite waking up at 4:45 M-F), which is important as a father of 3 (11, 10, and 8 years old).  I am able to be more attentive at home, more active, and more willing to do physical activities with my kids (like bike rides). 

However, the greatest benefit has been to my mental health. Since I started college, I’ve battled significant anxiety. Working out first thing in the morning has been an incredible boost to my state of mind.  I notice a significant difference in my anxiety levels on days that I work out vs days that I don’t.  

Is there something you have done here that you never thought you could do? I don’t have great mobility, as a result, I have always struggled to do traditional squats.  With Lindsay & Josh’s coaching, not only have I improved my flexibility, but I have also learned new techniques that enable me to do squats and focus on my lower body without pain and discomfort in my shoulders and chest.

What motivates/inspires you? I want to be healthy for my family so that I can continue to provide for them long into the future. I also want to be able to do the things I love (play soccer) without pain or discomfort.

What goals have you achieved at Embody Fitness so far? I’ve increased almost every one of my weightlifting maxes. I am very close to hitting my 1 RM goal on the bench press (225 lbs), and already hit my 3 RM leg press goal of over 1000 lbs.

Any advice for new members? Stay consistent.  Try to pick a class that you can attend regularly.  The added accountability of working out with the same group of people is amazing.  If I miss a day, I know I am going to be asked where I was (by Debra and others).

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