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March’s Member of the Month – Lindsay Neuron

Lindsay has truly worked hard to achieving her health goals and for that reason, we want to celebrate her for being March’s Member of the Month! Lindsay is such an inspiration to new moms as she has confidently juggled breastfeeding, running your own business, and the responsibilities at home. In the midst of all this madness, she still carves out time for herself everyday to fill her cup up with nutrition or fitness.


Lindsay’s consistent, healthy habits have yielded progress in her strength and weight loss. Learn more about Lindsay’s journey below:

Name: Lindsay Neuren


Occupation: Realtor


Hobbies/Interest: Travel, Food & Wine, Running, Watching & Playing Sports


Usual Class: Group classes Monday – Thursday 


Favorite Exercise: Deadlifts, Squats, Legs Days


How long have you been working out? I started at Embody in October 


Why did you start working out at Embody Fitness? I was tired of going to classes with 30 people and getting no personal attention on form or someone pushing me to do more than I’d do by myself 


What keeps you coming back? I love the community of people who come to the group classes. It makes it lots of fun to workout with people you enjoy spending time with. I also love getting to workout with my twin sister as we push each other to do better and increase the amount of weight we are lifting. 


How has working out changed your life, lifestyle and level of fitness? Working out really helps me to slow down and be present. As a busy mom and small business owner, I am often pulled in many different directions all day long. Working out gives me time to focus on myself and clear my head. 


Is there something you have done here that you never thought you could do? I am definitely lifting way heavier weights than I thought I was capable of and loving it! 


What motivates/inspires you? My family and my career. Exercise for me keeps me calm and level headed in my job and with my family. 


What goals have you achieved at Embody Fitness so far? I feel so much stronger than I did a few months ago. For me, it’s not about weight loss but how I feel. My clothes are fitting better and I have so much more energy for my job and family. 


Any advice for new members? Stay consistent in your workout schedule. Don’t let things that come up in life prevent you from sticking to that schedule.

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