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The Importance of Training for Longevity

When we were younger, we make decisions without evaluating their consequences. I know in my early twenties, I wasn’t focused on getting a workout in before starting my day or choosing a side of veggies over french fries. I was also focused on drinking, had less responsibilities, and had a metabolism of a young 20 year old! We don’t begin to recognize the effect that our actions have on our life, because we aren’t consciously aware of their impact. As we get older, we become more aware of what impacts our health, because change is slower, energy is lower, and time is limited. We have experienced what makes our body feel good and what drives our health down the drain. It’s this change as we age that makes a healthy lifestyle even more important for us to train for longevity.


So why does it seem hard to sustain the healthy lifestyle we truly want? Because it’s easy to be unhealthy. It’s easy to drive through fast food restaurants or order something satisfying like pizza. It’s also easy to justify not working out everyday, especially when you are tired, then kids are being extra, and work needs you to finish your project.


It’s easy to neglect yourself, but it’s not worth it.


At 70, do you want to be struggling to enjoy life around doctor’s appointments or to be healthy, in good shape because of the decisions you made when you were younger? Do you want to wake up with energy and feel great about running around with the kiddos? Longevitiy may seem far away and outside of your control, but consistent healthy habits build the fundamentals for long-term health. Consistently eating vegetables and nutrient-rich foods support your metabolism, hormone production, neurological health, muscle and bone mass, optimal organ functioning, and gene expression. You can literally influence what genes are expressed in your DNA through what habits you practice today. This is a breathe of fresh air, especially if you susceptible to certain illnesses in your genetics.


Think about where you are right now. You come to Embody Fitness to workout regularly. Why? To say you workout? To get leaner? To build strength? Maybe that’s what brought you in the door, but you also want to take care for your body.


Nurture your body with fruits and vegetables. Allow yourself to indulge on pancakes for brunch every once in awhile. Develop a good sleeping pattern. Surround yourself with people who make you happy. Stay physically active. Prioritize your happiness.


Famously said by Denis Waitley, “Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.” You only have one body and one life in this body.


Lets learn to be more conscious about our health together. In doing so, we are preparing for longevity.

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