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Maternity Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t believe the time has finally come where Lindsay starts her maternity leave! She is filled with so much joy and anticipation for the arrival of her little one. <3️
In efforts to keep supporting you, we want you to have all of your questions answered during this transition. She will officially start her leave on Monday, March 2nd. In the meantime, please reference this email for common questions around her leave.
  • What is going to change?
    • Schedule: Josh is taking on all of Lindsay’s sessions for the next 3 months and in order to protect the quality of training, Embody Fitness will be offering a limited class schedule. Please see our updated schedule below:
      • Group
      • Personal Training
        • Josh will not have recurring personal training sessions on Mon, Wed, or Fri evenings.
  • How do I cancel a class/session?
    • If you need to cancel within 12 hours of your session, you can text or email Josh about the cancellation.
    • If you need to cancel a group class session within 12 hours of your class time, simply log into your PunchPass account here:, sign in (button is on the top righthand side), click upcoming sessions, and click cancel. You can also click on the 24 hour email reminder you received and there is a cancellation button at the bottom of the email.
  • What if I need to late cancel a class/session?
    • Please text or email Josh at (319) 560-0991,
    • If it’s for Carole’s Wednesday night class, text here at (512) 689-5786
  • I’m currently set up for recurring on a class, will my reservation continue to be recurring?
    • Yes. If you need to change it, please reach out to Josh
  • Point of Contact for Questions
  • How do I purchase a new pass
  • How do I know if I need to purchase a new pass?
    • You will automatically receive an email reminder when you have 2 passes left. In that email, there is a renewal button. The Embody team will also be checking the status of renewals every Monday and will reach out via email or text if you are up for renewal.
  • If I take a break from Embody, will my passes expire?
    • No. Passes will not expire unless you are on a recurring membership, where they renew monthly. If you have any questions about how many passes you have left, email us at
  • When is Lindsay coming back?
    • June 1st will be her first full day back on the training floor. Josh will know exactly when she is back in action when it gets closer to time.
      • *This is subject to change, if needed.
Don’t see your questions here? Reply to this email and we will get it answered as soon as possible!
Thank you for being understanding and flexible during this transition. We all look forward to exploring this new milestone in Lindsay’s life and inviting the little one to the gym.
The Embody Team
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